Megasite more than an hour to reach the bridge tunnel

Megasite: more than an hour to reach the bridge tunnel

The authorities have repeated it several times since Monday: It will take several days to get an accurate picture of the situation in connection with the mega construction site of the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine bridge tunnel.

Three days after the start of construction, rush-hour traffic is particularly difficult on Wednesday afternoon. At around 5 p.m., it took over an hour to reach the tunnel from Highway 40.

To defuse the situation, the Ministry of Transport of Quebec (MTQ) recommends that drivers change lanes as late as possible.

“For a better flow, we recommend motorists to drive in the left lane (…) and, even if it is counterintuitive, to switch to the right lane as late as possible,” explains Martin Girard, spokesman for the MTQ.

Combined with the cooperation of motorists who are already in the right lane, this method will allow a “gain in fluidity”.

“So for everyone else it will go a little faster,” he said.

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