Meet Yanina, Cristian Castro’s Argentinian girlfriend

Meet Yanina, Cristian Castro’s Argentinian girlfriend

If for some reason it is related Cristiano Castro This is due to his talent and charisma. His voice has brought him great recognition and opened doors around the world. He was recently appointed to the jury of the Argentine talent show “Sing with me now”. And while he was in talks about his return to Argentine television and his ever-changing hair color, he’s been back in the news in recent hours over a personal issue.

A woman was named during the program “Wir am Morgen”. janina as an alleged friend of Cristiano Castro, which of course surprised the entire audience, even though it was revealed that they have been in a relationship for about four years. “We met here, Belén Francese had a lot to do with it because it was at a dinner in Buenos Aires and we fell in love there. It’s also a long distance relationship. Of course he’s gone a long time because of his work,” he explained.

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Asked about other approaches by Ariel Wolman Cristiano Castro during that time with other women, his now-public girlfriend commented, “This affects me because I’m in love with him, these things hurt me, but it’s accept it or not. During this time we had several dead ends, also due to the pandemic. “I am aware that it is his way, he cannot stop. You may find it difficult to really find a person based on who they are, not who they are. I kept it simple,” he added.

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Cristian Castro in Sing With Me Now. Source: Archive

As soon as she managed to control the camera, Yanina was sure of her version of events and her feelings. “When our quarantine in Argentina started, he asked me to visit him in Los Angeles, but later he didn’t send me the tickets.” Cristiano Castro installed in Argentina could well indicate that the meetings would be easier”.

Finally, janina hinted that while the relationship can go ahead, there are also indications that with the son of Veronica Castro there is nothing: “He called me at 4 a.m. He’s renting an apartment in Puerto Madero and I live nearby so we’ll meet there. My feelings were real, suddenly not mutual. There was everything, there were many twists and turns and for my sanity I decided to move away and let go of this very beautiful relationship.