Meet the most dangerous cheese in the world  the earth

Meet the most dangerous cheese in the world the earth

The most dangerous cheese in the world

The most dangerous cheese in the world

Photo: Robert Pavsic / iStock

On closer inspection, the cheese making process is generally quite eccentric, as many of them require mushrooms to reach their sweet spot, as is the case with gorgonzola. However, none of them compare to that case marzuwhich is no more and no less than used fly larvae in its production.

However, what is most frightening is this The cheese is served with the larvae still alive. So it is possible that some of them survive the chewing and arrive unharmed in the intestines of those who have dared to taste, if this happens the person may have major damage and perforations in the intestinal mucosaabdominal pain and diarrhea.

This food is Traditionally from the Italian island of Sardinia, which is found in the Mediterranean Sea, is made from goat’s milk, has a creamy appearance and such a strong and tangy flavor that those who taste it say the taste lingers in the mouth for hours after ingestion. Hence, it is considered a delicacy by families in the region.

Cheese is so dangerous that was banned by the Italian government in 1962as there is a law in the country that does not allow the consumption of parasitized food.

Also, in 2009 The delicacy was named “the most dangerous cheese in the world” by the Guinness Book. According to the record book portal, the consequences of eating this food are “vomiting, abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea”.

As the sale of this cheese is illegal and can result in very heavy fines, it is difficult to say what its price is and where to find it, but if you are in Sardinia and want to taste it, you definitely can case do . The Casu Marzu is registered as a traditional product of this region and protected locally.