Meet the LUXURY home that Dulce María bought with the FORTUNE she made from RBD

Meet the LUXURY home that Dulce María bought with the FORTUNE she made from RBD

Singer Sweet Marie knew very well how to invest the money he earned while being part of it RBDthe actress did one too wealth within the same grouping with those I buy a luxurious house where he lives and from where he prepares for the band’s new tour, which promises many emotions.

With the announcement of the concerts of RBD The Mexican group’s fans exploded with joy and took to social media, where it was already having an immediate impact Sweet Marie could increase yours wealth and expand your legacy beyond eta luxurious house.

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The rooms from which the luxurious house the bought sweet mary with the wealth who won with RBDThey think of the free recreation of the singer’s family, who has already become a mother for the first time, and this is reflected in the style she has given her home.

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The dining room is one of the most popular parts of the luxurious house from Sweet Marie Well, she loves spending time with her parents, husband and daughter, with whom she is filled with joy and reflects this at meals.

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Sweet Marie enjoys the evenings outdoors in the company of her husband, so inside she has designed an open space in the moonlight luxurious house to spend unforgettable nights.

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The passion for music is also present in the house I buy the member of RBD with the wealth which he won more than a decade ago for having a room where he usually goes to play instruments, compose songs and relax.

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But not everything was honey on flakes for the member RBD Well, last year he had an interview with Yordi Rosado in which he confessed that while he made a good amount of money with the group, it was a lot less than the money she makes from participating in the group’s tours and records had.