Meet Patricia, the sister "ruined" by Georgina Rodríguez asking for help    Yahoo Sports

Meet Patricia, the sister "ruined" by Georgina Rodríguez asking for help Yahoo Sports

Life in front of the cameras Georgina Rodriguez it seems perfect. Side by side with her world famous football star fiancé Cristiano Ronaldo, the former saleswoman enjoys an enviable fortune that she does not hesitate to show off. Her kind heart also drives her to share her wealth with those less fortunate, as shown on her reality show I am Georginan (Netflix).

A dark spot in his enviable situation is his half-sister Patricia Rodriguezwho, since Georgina’s fame, hasn’t stopped calling her an evil sister who has forgotten her family.


Meet Patricia the sister quotruinedquot by Georgina Rodriguez asking for

Christopher Polk/Diversity via Getty Images Georgina Rodriguez

Patricia, 35, has once again attacked the footballer’s famous girlfriend, claiming Georgina is not helping her financially despite living in poverty.

“I’m ruined and my sister won’t help me,” the woman assured the Spanish program Espejo público. “I don’t know if he’s ashamed of me… I mean nothing [para Georgina]…Georgina is very supportive of children in need, but not her nephews.”

Patricia’s statements were refuted by the journalist Aurélio Manzanowho assured that the story is not as told by the older sister.

“There was a certain moment when Georgina started dating Cristiano Ronaldo that Patricia contacted her because she had a problem teaching the kids,” shared the host of the Fiesta show in November 2022.

“Georgina offered to pay all school fees for all the children: clothes, supplies, everything. Do you know what Patricia replied? ‘No, send me 5,000 euros and I’ll take care of it’… What she was looking for Cash. Things are not as he tells them.”

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Stéphane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo

But who is Patricia Rodríguez?

She is the eldest daughter of Jorge RodriguezGeorgina’s father. According to the Spanish press, the Argentine businessman had a parallel relationship with Georgina’s mother, apparently with Patricia’s mother’s approval. When Patricia died at the age of 11, the little girl moved in with her father’s new family, which also consisted of a third sister. Ivana Rodriguez.

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Patricia assured that the three sisters had a close relationship until their father was jailed for drug trafficking and they were taken to a reformatory by Georgina’s mother. Despite this, the sisters maintained a good relationship until Georgina reportedly started her relationship with the football player.

Regarding his economic situation, he has said in various interviews that he has three children, the first of whom he had as a young man. He has assured that he has a low-paying job, which is why the family lives in precarious conditions, to the point that they admit they lived in their house without paying rent.

For her part, Cristiano’s famous friend seems to count only Ivana and her mother among her real family.

“Thanks to my mother and my sister Ivana for accompanying me on my life path, because we have always been a small family of three, but that made us unconditional and inseparable,” Georgina clarified on her Instagram after the premiere of her reality show. .