Medical help when dying: “I had to get on my knees and beg the doctor to give him the injection” ZEIT ONLINE

Medical help when dying: “I had to get on my knees and beg the doctor to give him the injection” ZEIT ONLINE

The family of a woman who sought medical help as she was dying mourns she went through “difficult times” before her death.

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Suzanne Bacon, 77, has obstructive pulmonary disease and requested medical help while dying.

His death was scheduled to take place at 9 p.m. on November 25 at the Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital in Terrebonne in Lanaudière.

Members of Ms Bacon’s family were gathered at her bedside, but an hour before the fateful hour, the doctor said he could not perform the operation.

Because the sick woman passed out early that evening after being given an injection by a nurse, she was unable to give her consent for the third and final time, as required by law.

Mrs. Bacon’s family had to beg the doctor to come to the unconscious patient.

“I had to go to his office to get him to come,” Luc Rheaume, Suzanne Bacon’s nephew, told TVA Nouvelles.

After the doctor agreed to see the woman, “he tried to wake Suzanne by clapping her hands and shaking her,” Mr Rheaume recalled.

These gestures were difficult for the 14 family members gathered at Suzanne Bacon’s bedside.

“There was uneasiness in the chapel where we were gathered, we were sad to see it,” testifies the woman’s nephew.

“What should have been a sweet and light moment was awful, a very difficult moment,” laments the deceased’s daughter, Julie Trudeau.

The latter claims that she had to ask the doctor to comply with her mother’s request.

“I had to get on my knees, beg the doctor to give my mother the shot so we could finish it,” her daughter said.

The doctor waited at least 30 minutes before finally giving medical attention to the dying Ms. Bacon, the family said.

The Medical Euthanasia Act requires the patient who asks for consent to give consent three times, the last time just before the procedure.