Medicago closure Bruno Marchand denies lack of leadership

Medicago construction site in Quebec: Companies take steps to get paid

Two EBC subcontractors registered more than $3.7 million in legal mortgages on the Medicago website to ensure reimbursement.

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The two companies are Groupe Noël and Groupe Beaudoin. The first legal construction mortgage was filed by Groupe Noël with EBC on February 6, four days after the announcement of the closure of Medicago, for an amount due of $1,368,347.38.

In the documents consulted, the creditor (Groupe Noël) considers that this amount is still owed to him as of today, in addition to the amount of interest and other costs related to the termination that have accrued.

Groupe Noël has received a contract from the debtor (EBC) for the supply of materials and labor for the plumbing, heating and cooling works on the Medicago site.

With respect to Groupe Beaudoin, the legal mortgage amount is $2,383,601.00. It was recorded on February 10th. None of the three parties wanted to react for the time being.

The notices were registered and published within the legally required time limits and served on EBC and the owner of the website, namely Medicago.

Recall that on February 2nd, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group announced its decision to liquidate the Quebec-based company Medicago.

The science complex on Avenue D’Estimauville was due to be handed over in 2023 after a $250 million investment. Among other things, it was supposed to make the herbal vaccine Covifenz (PPV) against COVID-19, but the company encountered a major obstacle when the World Health Organization rejected the vaccine because of its ties to tobacco company Philip Morris. despite approval from Health Canada. Medicago hired more than 300 employees in Quebec.