Media, Anti  aircraft system on buildings in Moscow and on Putin’s residence    ANSA news agency

Media, Anti aircraft system on buildings in Moscow and on Putin’s residence ANSA news agency

Videos and photos showing Pantsir-S1 surface-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft artillery systems mounted on the roofs of several buildings in Moscow have been posted on social media since yesterday, but the authenticity of the images has not been confirmed. Meduza brings it back. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov urged reporters to question the Defense Ministry during a news conference today. Meanwhile, another video, apparently taken on January 6 and published on various Russian Telegram channels, shows an alleged anti-aircraft system installed near President Vladimir Putin’s residence.
Meduza reports that the Telegram channel Moscow Calling has published several videos allegedly showing the installation of a Pantsir-S1 system in a building at 8 Teterinsky Lane in central Moscow (the building at this address on Google Maps looks like that in the videos). In another video, the broadcaster claims that the Pantsir is on the roof of the building. Online publication Agentstvo notes that Russian Telegram channels, including several pro-Kremlin “war blogs” as well as Western open-source intelligence specialists, have published photos of the Defense Ministry building on Frunzenskaya Embankment, where another Pantsir-S1 was allegedly installed.
Earlier this week photos circulated on Russian Telegram channels showing S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems in Losiny Ostrov National Park outside Moscow and on the experimental fields of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in Moscow.
The Sirena publication claims that trees were cut down in Losiny Ostrov National Park to clear an area for anti-aircraft missile systems. (HAND).



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