Meche Barba: The Golden Age Actress Who   ed Tin Tan Was Nobler Than Cantinflas

Meche Barba: The Golden Age Actress Who ed Tin Tan Was Nobler Than Cantinflas

In which Golden Age of Mexican Cinema There have been many important figures that have come down to our day such as: Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” Y German Valdes “Tin Tan”, who have been standout comedians on the big screen and with whom they had a negative relationship, as it stands They had a rivalry. Amidst these rumors, there was an actress who revealed that the “Golden Pachuco, was nobler than “The Mime of Mexico”.

The actress who revealed this attitude was me beardwho was known for being the largest Mexican exponent in the Rumberas cinema, a subgenre of national cinematography that was dominated by Cuban women. The screen diva revealed a moving anecdote in which “he left the protagonist of “There are the details”while the largest of the Valdes dynasty favored him.

Meche Barba showed that tin tan was nobler than cantinflas

The dancer and Rumbera said there was a time when they “cantinflas” to ask him for help because he needed it more than ever. According to an anecdote from the actress, when her mother, Victoria Feito, deceased, So she went through a precarious moment in her career He didn’t have the money to give him a funeral. Necessary two thousand pesos that time, he asked Mario Moreno a loan, however the comedian flatly refused.

Cantinflas was one of the comedians on the Cine de Oro Photo: Special

Before snubbing the protagonist of “Raquel’s Bolero”the actress asked for help from another of the great stars of the golden age of Mexican cinema: German Valdes “Tin Tan”, who did not refuse to lend him the money. So in this way he showed that “El Pachuco” was much nobler than Darkwho was, according to records, one of the highest paid actors of that time, along with Pedro Infante.

“The day my mother died, I was in despair because I didn’t have to pay the 2,000 pesos funeral expenses. I asked Mario and he declined. I then spoke to Tin Tan and he gladly agreed. I told him I would be returning them soon. He told me not to worry …”, they quote several publications on social networks where they have recovered this anecdote Me beard.

During the Golden cinemaRumors began to spread that the actors were not on good terms. Some claim that “cantinflas“I didn’t want the protagonist of “The King of the Neighborhood”for which he would have dedicated a message to him in the 1952 film “If I Were a Substitute”, in which he wrote the sentence: “There is no service for pachucos because I like them fat.”. In addition, he would have pranked him by taking a picture with Valdés’ wife, which would have infuriated the singer.

Tin Tan helped Meche Barba with funeral expenses Photo: Special

Meche Barba: the Mexican Rumbera who prevailed against the Cubans

Mercedes Barba Feito was born on September 24, 1922 in New York, USA. She started in show business when she was only six years old, participating in local tents and theaters where she learned to dance and act.

The actress was part of the calls”Queens of the Tropics” With Marie Antoinette Pons Ninón Sevilla, Amalia Aguilar and Rosa Carmina. Aside from being a gold movie star taking part in movies like: “Musician, Poet and Madman” and “report”; Also in Mexican soap operas like “Rosa Salvaje”, “Marimar“, “The Misted Glass” and “Rosalind“, the latter in 1999.

The person known as “La Venus Azteca” died in Mexico City January 14, 2000 as a result of a heart condition that had affected his health for a year.


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