MC Mirella goes to the designer store in pajamas and

MC Mirella goes to the designer store in pajamas and flip flops: ‘You gotta see how the rich look at me’

MC Mirella, 24, chose an unusual look to go to the mall this Sunday (3). In Instagram Stories, the singer revealed that she wore pajamas, flip flops and socks to a Dior store.

“Guys, look at how I get to the mall, to the Dior store. You need to see rich people look me in the face,” he said, laughing.

Funkeira asked the opinion of her followers when choosing her new accessory. She was undecided between an allblack bag and a blue one with prints the latter model can be found on ecommerce sites for R$14,600. “I know I’m going to take one today, but later I’ll want the other one,” he confessed.

Hours later, Mirella showed the French designer bags in her room, but didn’t reveal which bag she chose.

This weekend The singer has made a lengthy outburst on social media about people visiting her house and taking her belongings. According to them, “designer things” and mobile phone chargers are among the most commonly stolen items.

“Lately it’s been surreal that my stuff is disappearing, designer stuff etc. It’s not cheap stuff and it’s mine, so if you want to use it, use it and give it back. It’s a shame, for example, just was my outburst: I’m here and I want to use a good charger because I’m in a very far away city and they don’t have it. They take my stuff and, ‘Oh, she’s got money, she’s buying another one. My money isn’t weed and it’s hard earned money,” he said.