1690052064 Mazon and the decarbonization of Zaplana

Mazón and the decarbonization of Zaplana

The President of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Carlos Mazón, in a plenary session on November 9, with his casting vote, refused to remove the symbols related to Eduardo Zaplana from the company.The President of the Alicante Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, in a plenary session on November 9, with his casting vote, refused to remove the symbols linked to Eduardo Zaplana from the company. JOQUÍN REINA-EUROPA PRESS (JOQUÍN REINA-EUROPA PRESS)

The first government of the pact between PP and Vox (time will tell if it’s a joint venture or a “hard divorce”) represents a serious commitment to the environment. And not because it arrives replete with intentions to combat climate change and measures to promote ecological transition, but because it recycles many old bits of equipment that stirred up Eduardo Zaplana’s frothy time as head of the Generalitat, when the imperial dream of the “power of Valencia” waned became real, whose dark glimmers now examine and deconstruct justice under its mighty magnifying glass. For this reason, it is environmentally friendly and because this recycling action, in which the President himself is also involved, represents a serious attempt to decarbonize the figure of the former mayor of Benidorm, the man whom his own fans see as the synthesis of Kennedy, Lincoln and Pericles, and who, on the contrary, the anti-corruption prosecutor believes is a criminal who is seeking 19 years in prison for money laundering, bribery, untruth and subterfuge. However, Carlos Mazón always throws away cigarette papers in this case and sees “enough precedents to be circumspect and very respectful.” Of course, the new honorable man has even gone without batting an eyelash on several occasions to the testimony that Rita Barberá was declared innocent when her case (corroborating testimony) was filed for homicide. And that’s what it’s all about: changing the course of things.

For this reason, since his appointment, he has devoted himself to gradually reducing the odor emissions that his sponsor’s management is still emitting, in order to bring back the figure of Zaplana, restored, perfumed and ironed (with one of his affordable Antonio Puebla suits), raising it to the soulless altar on the right, whose niches are empty and on which are placed three crosses for the persecution of three (three) Presidents of the Generalitat. For the PP needs a reference point in the past to anchor the May 28 reconquest and cannot find one (not even with Alberto Fabra as a parliamentary decoration) that can stand without a powerful cosmetic and counter-narrative session. That Mazón zaplanea is nothing new. He never hid his affiliation, devotion and inspiration. But now, as Zaplana fires his final court rounds while waiting for 23-J to bring the Seventh Cavalry to the rescue, he must lend his power and pave the way. There’s a rush. And there he fulfills the formation of his first government, honoring his gratitude by sending a good handful of his former MPs and confirming the actions they took during those legislatures where, as the Fuhrer advocated, “there will be something for everyone.” And he restarts it with the same course and intention. Acknowledgment of the father, that is, of the roots. It’s the powerful message the new president is sending to those who aren’t communicating freely with the PP’s past. It’s not a party for scruples. And with that he follows the roadmap that María José Catalá, the mayor of Valencia, also covers at the municipal level, with the late Rita Barberá (santa súbita) and her flowery bridge over troubled waters. Except that in the case of Mazón there was never apostasy from Catalá and it is not about atonement for sins, but only about justification, homage and rehabilitation. And that is the other message, also shared by both if they follow the path laid out in the argument: selective memory of the past in order to rewrite the present from the Force. The situation could not be more favourable: the electorate not only failed to punish the PP’s stinking path of corruption, but rewarded it. clear way.

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