“May God help us 7”: It’s time to say goodbye, but nobody accepts it.  The protest breaks out

“May God help us 7”: It’s time to say goodbye, but nobody accepts it. The protest breaks out

TO God help us 7 the long-awaited, when the dreaded moment has come: Farewell to Sister Angela (Elena Sofia Ricci). Only she, the backbone of fiction, leaves. Or rather, she is forced to leave. But no one is willing to let her go, neither the fans nor Azzurra (Francesca Chillemi), whom she has to replace at the convent with great difficulty.

God help us 7 it’s a triumph

The second episode of Che Dio help us 7, which will be broadcast on Rai 1 in prime time on Thursday January 19, confirms the great success of the series and again obtains the podium of the most watched program of the evening, although at the same time there were round of 16 in Italian Cup Final Juventus-Monza. Sister Angela and her girls attracted 4,586,000 viewers to the small screen, which corresponds to 24%.

May God help us 7, Sister Angela is leaving

There was a slight drop in ratings compared to the first episode, but maybe that’s because everyone was dreading the moment Sister Angela said her final goodbyes. After all, it had been known for months that Elena Sofia Ricci had left the baton to Francesca Chillemi aka Azzurra because she had decided to devote herself to something else, primarily to the theater. but his departure has really shaken everyone, also because Sister Angela was practically expelled from her convent by the will of her bishop, who put her in prison to do something else. And what’s worse, Sister Teresa (Fiorenza Pieri), decidedly more serious and bigoted, has taken her place as Mother Superior.

Azzurra is distraught and the exchange between her and Sister Angela moves when the latter informs her that she must go: “I cannot live without her because she is my guide. may i hug her I do not know if I can “If you don’t try, you’ll never know.” And she tries to remain without her guidance, but it is really difficult to cope with the girls’ problems and also to help Emiliano (Pierpaolo Spollon) with little Elia.

May god help us 7 protest grows after farewell to sister Angela

Just as Don Matteo lost Terence Hill, God help us lost Elena Sofia Ricci and revolt erupts among the fans. There has been much protest and so much sadness amidst the comments about Sister Angela’s farewell which seems unacceptable to all.

They wrote on Twitter: “I do not accept the departure of Sister Angela, after 12 years it is really difficult. I can’t do it.” And again: “Even though it may sound pathetic, I’ll tell you that I’m having a really hard time accepting Angela’s departure. I grew up watching this show and when I see it on , it reminds me that not everything can last forever.” And it continues in this tone: “First don matteo without DON MATTEO, now God help us without Sister Angela, this is the umpteenth attack that the Rai makes my feelings”. Finally, a thank you: “Thank you Elena Sofia Ricci for introducing us to Sister Angela, the craziest nun in Italy”.

God help us, maybe Nurse Angela will come back

In short, the protests do not stop and no one digests the farewell to Sister Angela. But there is hope that he will come back. In fact, during the press conference presenting the fiction’s seventh season, Elena Sofia Ricci revealed that Italy’s most popular nun is back. As she would say, “God help us.”