Mattress company is looking for people who want to sleep for ,000 a year

Mattress company is looking for people who want to sleep for $78,000 a year

The new search for jobs never ceases to amaze. The American mattress company Casper has published a job offer that has quickly gone viral due to the curious features that the chosen one will have: They are looking for people who want to sleep in shops and in public settings around the world for a salary of US$ 78,000 per year.

In addition to sleeping, the hired people must create and share content on social networks showing their experience of resting on the mattresses.

Several candidates have started sharing TikTok videos explaining why they are best suited for this “professional dreamer” position.

The hilarious replies were huge, and cover letters were included showing their favorite sleeping positions. Some have shown that they can easily sleep anywhere.

“Professional sleeper? I’m sorry, this is my dream job”, “Okay. Where do I apply? or “Imagine working in a store, look across the street and see people going to sleep” were the funniest responses to the videos, which amassed millions of views.

In addition, you must be able to fall asleep anywhere, rain or shine, and have a passion for creating and distributing multimedia content. Therefore, they need to talk about their soporific experience. You should preferably reside in New York.

For its part, the company has defined the ideal worker as someone who always wants to sleep and has a strong will to be part of social media content.

In addition to salary, the candidate will have access to unlimited pajamas, part-time work flexibility and a large number of Casper company products free of charge.