Matt Reeves says ‘Batman’ cop prequel series won’t go to HBO Max

The Batman director Matt Reeves has duly confirmed that the film’s HBO Max prequel series centered on a corrupt cop is not moving forward. Reeves already pointed it out on our Hero Nation podcast that he spoke to HBO Max executives to steer his spin-off Batman series towards one of the more famous characters in DC canon rather than the original.

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Reeves’ original HBO Max series The Batman was announced in July 2020 and is inspired by the movie Prince of the City, which is about a police officer who fights for his soul. He is then awakened by Gotham City’s rising vigilante, which is Batman. Reeves explained it all last week on Hero Nation.

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Reeves told the Happy Sad Confused podcast, “The one thing we don’t do, I was going to do. … So, there’s a Gotham cop show that’s actually on hold. We don’t actually do that.”

Reeves told Happy Sad Confused that he hopes to “maybe someday” visit the Gotham City Police Department again. He also told The Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčNerds in a recent interview that the project for the series has evolved into one possibly centered on Arkham Asylum.