Matilde Brandi is no longer hiding who is her new

Matilde Brandi is no longer hiding: who is her new partner Francesco Tafanelli Tell Us

We knew there was a new love in the life of Mathilde Brandi, but we can finally put a face to it. The presenter is no longer hiding and shared a long and glamorous dedication on Instagram, showing herself beaming to the side new companion Francesco Tafanelli. These are the words of a woman in love who has rediscovered her smile and is finally ready to share her happiness with the whole world.

Matilde Brandi, the long devotion to her new love

She’d given us a little taste of her new life as a woman in love, but so far Matilde Brandi hadn’t gone too far. After all, it must be understood: when it is found something as precious as true love it is natural to want to protect and preserve it at all costs. It applies to us “mere mortals”, let alone a woman like her, who belongs to the world of entertainment where gossip is always lurking.

This time, however, the beautiful Matilde he decided to come out, sharing on Instagram a long and beautiful post dedicated to the new companion Francesco Tafanelli. A setting in which they look very elegant (she in a really gorgeous blue dress), anxious to toast with a good glass of white wine. Then his words: “Suddenly you understand that everything that was important before was fundamental to understanding who is really worth it and who isn’t! That’s not rhetoric! That’s it! – begins the moderator’s dedication -. today Thank you to everyone who somehow brought us together! I don’t know if fate had anything to do with it, but I do know that everything was written, everything was scripted and in the darkest moment you arrived, so without warning you just made up your mind!”.

A mature love, born at the age of 53 and after the end of the long relationship with Marco Costantini, from which twins Sofia and Aurora were born in 2006. “You found out exactly who I am without having to tell you anything! You love me for who I am, for better or for worse and you don’t want to change anything about me! – Brandi writes with great joy on Instagram –. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, everyone who knows me knows (my closest friends and there are many, they know what I mean) but you deserve that statement, you deserve it all, actually me I wish all women to meet a special man like you!”.

Who is Francesco Tafanelli, Matilde Brandi’s new partner?

“One day a man comes, he knows you, he loves you and he never goes away”. We can imagine how Francesco Tafanelli must have felt as he read the words of his Matilde, which triggers happiness with every single comma. To spare long graying hair and beard and style, Tafanelli works as Sales representative managers in the fashion world for brands like Vera Wang Bride, Pronovias and Nicole Milano.

We don’t know if she’s had a wedding like Brandi, but some very cute shots in the company of stand out on her Instagram profile son Frederick which he is very attached to and which he defines as “my joy”.

Matilde Brandi has found love again and is beaming more than ever. Because life surprises you even if after 50 you think you can’t do it anymore. And that’s why she’s beautiful.