Mateo, 3, was shot dead in his mother’s car, who was being chased by criminals


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Mateo 3 was shot dead in his mothers car who

The Facts took place Friday night in Chicago, United States.

A mother was driving her car with her three children in the back seat when she was chased by a red Ford Mustang.

She then attempted to seed it by zigzagging through the cars. Vain. The vehicle continued to follow her closely.

The driver then grabbed her cell phone and dialed 911. A kilometer away, the occupants of the Ford Mustang shot the family car.

Ten shots were heard over the phone.

The mother of the family yelled at the operator, “I have a child who was injured by bullets. I’m going straight to the hospital.”

Mateo, 3, was pronounced dead Saturday, about eight hours later, after being admitted to Chicago’s emergency room.

So far nobody has been arrested. The city police used a huge system to find the perpetrator or perpetrators.

It is currently unclear why the victims were charged. A $7,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information identifying the shooter.