MasterChef Professionals semifinalist dies aged 40 after crash TV news

MasterChef Professionals semifinalist dies aged 40 after crash TV news

Wilson Cabral, third in the 2022 MasterChef Professionals season, passed away on Friday (21). He was 40 years old and had a car accident in Sorocaba, inland São Paulo, on the last 14th. The cook was hospitalized but did not resist his injuries. The information was confirmed by his wife Simone and by tape.

On Cabral’s Instagram, his wife issued an official statement: “It is with regret that I announce Wilson’s death. Unfortunately, his time to please you with his food and wonderful dishes is over. I’m in shock but very lucky to have been a part of his life for 11 years. Now is the time to trust in God and believe that all he left behind will serve as a source of pride for the son he loved so dearly.” In addition to his wife, Cabral is survived by a nineyearold son, Arthur.

He was hospitalized in April this year after being bitten by a brown spider. “An infection developed and my leg got sick. I took medicine, but the poison spread. Last week I couldn’t walk and had to go to the hospital. The doctor saw that he needed surgery to remove the dead tissue and infection,” he explained on the band’s website.

Wilson Cabral has worked in the hospitality industry since he was 18 years old. He started out in restaurants across the United States while living in the area. Back in Brazil he worked as a chef in a hotel in Rio de Janeiro and also in an oncology clinic.

At MasterChef, Cabral excelled and reached the semifinals. After the show, he opened a restaurant with Hichel Rodrigues, who also took part in the culinary reality show’s fourth season.