MasterChef Brasil Eliminated Melina Asks Jury For Job Receives Surprising

‘MasterChef Brasil’: Eliminated, Melina Asks Jury For Job, Receives Surprising Response

Disclosure, Melissa Haidar/Band

Disclosure, Melissa Haidar/Band

“MasterChef Brasil” from this Tuesday (16) It was an exciting and unusual moment. With the departure of Melina, 29, the chef said goodbye to the reality show band after presenting a dish that the judges didn’t like in the test that fused Brazilian and Mexican cuisine. Melina let the beans burn and said goodbye to the show. Before leaving, he decided to ask the station’s three judges for a job.

Shocked by the result of the competition, in which a famous funk singer took part, she said: “I want a job because I’m unemployed.” “I would like to visit both restaurants one after the other if possible. I’m ready to leave it all behind, arrive with the face and the courage to discover what life has in store for me.‘ he said in an exclusive interview with the broadcaster.

Moved by the outburst of Malina, who studied literature and did an internship at a school before joining the program, Henrique Fogaça, who was even removed from traction, and Helena Rizzo made themselves available to the former participant. “MasterChef is the first step of many doors that will open. Save that, okay? If you want to work with me, we will soon have a new restaurant,” Fogaça guarantees.

Where to watch MasterChef Brazil in 2022?

“MasterChef Brasil” is broadcast by Band and airs every Tuesday at 10:30 p.m., with simultaneous transmission on and in the app…

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