MasterChef 12, Ivana’s “red light” dish that embarrasses Cannavacciuolo

MasterChef 12, Ivana’s “red light” dish that embarrasses Cannavacciuolo

Home cooking, red-light dishes, but also intense moments in which the participants revealed a certain side of their lives: the (not always easy) relationship with their parents. And not only. Arriving at the sixth episode of MasterChef, we finally had the honor of seeing the first card of the season: Roberto’s suppl. But let’s go in order.

The episode begins with a theme that then recurs throughout the evening, namely the family dynamics of some of the participants. To clarify the subject, Edoardo: My father Enrico – I call him Rico, the father friend – has always been there for me, but he doesn’t always manage to be my support because he suffers from anxiety, depression and bipolarity. He’s got a little bit of everything, so I have to help keep the family together too. Words that trigger Ollivier’s emotions and that also set the tone for those who, like Francesco, have always hidden their emotions behind sharp jokes and targeted attacks: My parents separated when I was 16, I grew up with my grandmother. She taught me to face life, to overcome pain. Until there was more.

After the budding chefs’ moment of introspection, it’s time to get behind the stove. In this sense, the monothematic consequence: All tests have to do with comfort food. In fact, the Mystery Box contains ten preserves made by great chefs that contain smells and flavors of beneficial and soothing dishes.

Ready for the first drama: Hue drops a few glasses and is scolded by chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo: This is what happens when you don’t order. The Vietnamese amateur chef bursts into tears, which a few minutes later was comforted by the same three-star Michelin: I have faith in you. Think of the day you came to Italy alone. Think of this shade, its strength. This moment here is nothing compared.

The first test was completed with the triumph of Ollivier, the invention test also begins with an exchange between Cannavacciuolo and Hue. In fact, the latter admits that she supports Juventus, a message that leaves the chef speechless: I mean I take care of you and you support Juve? I really didn’t expect that from you. (Cannavacciuolo Napoli fan edition). A curtain that is repeated throughout the evening when it is discovered that Roberto, Bubu and Leonardo are also Juventus fans, which deeply touches the Vico Equense chef.

Instead, Bruno Barbieri was impressed by the dish presented by Roberto. The goal of the test was to create a surprising offer based on the suggestions of the expert Jacopo Mercuro. But Roberto’s dish, second chef Barbieri, isn’t quite up to par: this is the season’s first mappazzone – yells chef Emiliano angrily – actually a “boazza” that’s even worse.

After the draft there is still time for a red light curtain. Ivana presents Cannavacciuolo with a phallus-shaped dish, and the chef, a little embarrassed, struggles to hold back his laughter.

The second part of the episode takes place outdoors, precisely in Terni, at the foot of the Marmore Falls. Here the two teams, led by Bubu and Silvia, have to feed the demanding locals with a traditional dish: ciriole. In the end, the team led by Silvia won, almost surprisingly given the moments of tension between her and her brigade during the test. At the Pressure Test we return to Comfort Food, this time proposed by Barbieri, who asks the participants to be inspired by his minestrone. Dish that wakes Hue and Roberto, both glorified by Cannavacciuolo.

Hue says he followed his father’s recipe and went back to the topic that opened the episode: I never cooked for my father, he’s a very strict person. I’ve never told my parents I love them, I’ve never hugged them, but I feel like I need hugs sometimes, the contestant admits. To respond to the usual cannavacciuolo, I’m sure your father and mother brag about you to other people. The chef, acting as a motivator, instead keeps Roberto a slap in the face as a token of appreciation for the madness pulled out during the pressure. Going home for Ivana: too many mistakes in her minestrone.