Master?  Mirella Details Sex Preferences & Reveals What Nobody Was Expecting

Master? Mirella Details Sex Preferences & Reveals What Nobody Was Expecting

On Thursday afternoon (18), singer Mirella used her Instagram account to interact with followers and opened up about her love life.

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When asked at the time what would make Funkeira break up a relationship with a man, she stressed that she doesn’t accept rudeness.

“You have to be cheeky and watch my fire lest I run away. If it’s fat, silly, and joking, I run. I’m just looking at the details,” he wrote. Check the post:


The celebrity then took the opportunity to comment on dominance in relationships, stressing that she likes to lead the situation but also accepts being dominated.

“I like them both, but overall I’m the one who likes to dominate. There are times when I just want to be dominated. I’m very dreamy, I like to boss, but I also get tied up when they boss me around (only at those times),” he wrote.


Mirella on Instagram (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Mirella provides information about experiences with women

Recently, on her Instagram account, the singer Mirella took the opportunity to comment on the time she had relationships with women and reported extensively on their experiences.

“How was it? Guys…I’ve been dating a woman long before those days became the biggest rascal on the internet…Not even the internet had the right to do so. […] Why doesn’t anyone ask when it’s about a man?” he said.

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