1674504803 Massive penal agreement in the trial of the Los Angeles

Massive penal agreement in the trial of the Los Angeles del Infierno conspiracy in Mallorca

The accused in the trial against the Mallorcan branch of the Los Angeles del Infierno gang are before the national court this Monday.The accused in the trial of the Mallorcan branch of the Los Angeles del Infierno gang, this Monday before the National Court.ZIPI ARAGON (EFE)

Prosecutors have met with many of the defendants from the Mallorcan branch of Los Angeles del Infierno, the motorcycle gang accused of creating a “criminal organization” dedicated to extortion, drug trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women. reached a massive punitive agreement. The trial began several hours late this Monday, which the State Ministry used to reach agreements with 34 of the nearly 50 people sitting on the National Court bench. These agreements imply reduced sentences for the thirty who admitted the facts, whose sentences would eventually range from fines to 12.5 years in prison, depending on their involvement.

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Khalil Youssafi, vice president of the group founded in Mallorca in 2009, is among the defendants who reached an agreement with prosecutors. The biker has accepted a sentence of 12 years and months in prison for a range of offences: membership in a criminal organization, money laundering, prostitution, cover-up, threats, coercion, forged documents, illegal imprisonment, drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons.

The State Department details in its indictment that the fifty defendants were based on the island of Mallorca, where they “joined an international criminal organization centered around a global motorcycle club called the Hells Angels Motor Club (HAMC)” – Los Angeles del Inferno, in Spanish-. According to prosecutors, this gang was formed in the United States in 1948 and from there has spread over decades to other parts of the world by forming local groups called “Chapters”.

In this way, according to the accusation, “all components participate in the expansion and strengthening of the organization”. “It continues to grow in the range of areas in which to carry out its criminal activities, forming or forming ‘forced’ friendships with the ‘auto club’ of those areas and conflicting with the ‘docile’ or clubs over the territory who are already competitors,” added prosecutors, who highlighted the band’s “solid hierarchical structure.”

Prosecutors claim that the Hell’s Angels landed in Mallorca in November 2009, where they formed their own chapter “with full members”. “This establishment in the Balearic Islands was a consequence of the gang’s strategy at European level, motivated by its geographical location, the existence of hostess shops, the possibility of money laundering and drug trafficking and the presence of a foreign resident population. , which have facilitated extortion practices, ”explains the public ministry. In addition, the group allegedly maintained ties to the chapters in Barcelona, ​​​​​​Hannover (Germany), Turkey, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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Subscribe toA sawed-off shotgun intervened during a search of those involved at the Los Angeles del Infierno Mallorquin branch.A sawed-off shotgun intervened during a search of those involved at the Los Angeles del Infierno Mallorquin branch.

Arriving on the Balearic island, the bikers began to develop their criminal activities while “having a high standard of living and being owners of movable and immovable property through intermediaries and companies”. They began operating with tremendous force, an “essential part” of Los Angeles del Infierno, according to prosecutor José Grinda. So they allegedly dedicated themselves to drug trafficking – “one of their main sources of income” -. Also to blackmail, for which they raised the band’s own “violent reputation”: “One of the most common services offered is that of ‘protecting’ any company, association or group, including bikers, in areas controlled by them”. And to prostitution “through the acquisition of hostess clubs and the coercion of the women who work in them.”

At the same time, according to the state ministry, those involved hid from the treasury the “great benefits” they had received. “They laundered money of illegal origin through companies acquiring real estate of high economic value. They use corporations and businesses located in tax havens, where they ship large amounts of cash through human couriers,” the indictment said.