1664760343 MASS involved in a serious road accident

MASS: involved in a serious road accident

Artist: Mass | Photographer: Enrico Dal Boni | Date: 09/01/2022 | Event: Ferrock Festival | City: Vicenza

As the band itself reports via social media, the Italians are DIMENSIONS They were involved in a serious car accident after the concert in Nice last night. The van in which the group and crew were traveling was hit head-on by another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

Here are the band’s statements:

“Last night, after the last concert of our tour, we were involved in a car accident.
Another oncoming vehicle pulled into our lane and hit us head-on.
The whole crew is alive, the van is broken and some of us need surgery. We are fine but it will be months before we fully recover. We will give you more updates soon.
If you want to help us at this difficult moment, you can buy our records through Bandcamp or donate to this address.
We probably won’t be able to answer all of them, but we look forward to your messages.
The relief of hearing the voices of all of us alive right after the accident, when we were still in the van asking how we were, will not be forgotten in a hurry.
Much love.
Messe, Otto, Matteo”.