quotMarried blind brazil 2quot Canceled couple accuses Netflix of manipulation

"Married blind brazil 2": Canceled couple accuses Netflix of manipulation: "scrotum" Yahoo Life and Style

Paulo Simi and Bruna Luana, dating

Paulo Simi and Bruna Luana from Casamento à Cegas (Photo: Reproduction/Netflix)

Reality TV editor really doesn’t have a minute’s rest! Canceled by the public Bruna Luana and Paulo Simiparticipants of second season of Casamento à Cegas Brasilaccuse him Netflix from manipulating speech and facts to create a narrative that favors the program in terms of engagement.

“The story there is far from true,” the doctor said in an interview with journalist Leo Dias, a columnist for Metropoles. “They manipulate a lot, they put out several slogans. Paulo asked me to marry him on the first day in the dressing room, our story is very beautiful.

According to Bruna, Paulo should have rerecorded some statements. “The business is very serious, very serious. They’re going to scrotum,” she gushed, while still revealing alleged negligence on the part of the production. “I was kidnapped as a child, spent ten days in captivity. I had warned them that it was very difficult for me to deal with imprisonment and they insisted on making things worse. I asked to see a psychologist and I didn’t. “I don’t have one,” he said.

“I got a chemical burn from using acid. I asked for an ointment for three people and no one gave it to me. I had to go down and buy them while we were locked up. They didn’t give a damn about us,” she continued.

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Considered fatphobic due to his refusal to actually engage with him Amanda Suza At a personal meeting, the recruiter, who is now in a serious relationship with Bruna, has a version similar to his beloved.

“They say a lot of things that aren’t true. I’m very upset. From day one I only wanted Bruna,” he lamented. “Before the door opened and I saw Amanda for the first time, I knocked. You know, when you have that feeling, ‘Wow, I wish it was someone else’? The door opened and I couldn’t because my heart belonged and still belongs to Bruna. That’s the real reason, but they’ll probably never show it,” he added.

“Amanda is a very good person, with a big heart, a light that shines a lot. A great woman. But my heart was always for Bruna [da Bruna]Amanda,” Paulo concluded.