Marjorie Taylor Greene, an unfiltered Donald Trump

Marjorie Taylor Greene, an unfiltered Donald Trump

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in Washington on November 15, 2022. Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, in Washington, November 15, 2022. JIM LO SCALZO/EFE/EPA/MAXPPP

It took a lot of imagination to foresee that Marjorie Taylor Greene would one day represent a form of compromise within the Republican Party. Elected to the House of Representatives from Georgia, this political arsonist is the most brutal and ambitious incarnation of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, Donald Trump’s slogan. As an ardent supporter of the former president, she took fire instead of dialogue, insults instead of arguments.

But during the open crisis that erupted between January 3rd and 6th in the House of Representatives over the eventful election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene sided with the candidate against some of his friends MAGA. She, the 48-year-old conspiratorial violator always ready to flout convention, supported the grizzled advocate of traditional politics, as Washington has always practiced.

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conversion? sign of maturity? Certainly not. Marjorie Taylor Greene has an agenda: herself. In October, in a profile published by The New York Times Magazine, she said the following about McCarthy: “I think in order to become the best speaker in the house and to please the grass roots, he has to do a lot give strength and a lot of leeway. Everything has been said. A pact of interest was struck between these two completely contradictory characters.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has accused her Trump colleagues, who defy the labeling of Kevin McCarthy, of being “destroyers”. But nothing sets them apart, if not a different strategy at the start of this new Republican majority emerging from the midterm elections. An incredible photo immortalized Georgia’s elected representative at the height of the parliamentary crisis on January 6, when Kevin McCarthy had just lost the 14th ballot. She held her phone at arm’s length to hand it to colleague Matt Rosendale, one of the last rebels. The device displayed the name of his correspondent: “DT”. Donald Trump, standing in front of his TV in Mar-a-Lago, Fla., spoke remotely to urge his supporters to end the humiliation.

After the victory was claimed, Marjorie Taylor Greene was the first to pose alongside Kevin McCarthy. His trophy candidate. That support was quickly rewarded on January 18 with a seat on the coveted Homeland Security Committee, which will notably give him access to classified information.

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