Marjorie de Sousa welcomes the month with a sweet postcard

Marjorie de Sousa welcomes the month with a sweet postcard

Marjorie de Sousa starts the month with radiant beauty in postcards (Instagram: @marjodsousa)

Marjorie de Sousa starts the month with radiant beauty in Postcards | Instagram: @marjodsousa

It is already customary on the Instagram profile of Venezuelan actress Marjorie de Sousa that earlier this month she made a publication wishing her followers the best and sharing part of her life, in addition to the plans she has for them new stage of the beginning year.

As expected, the month of November could not be left behind, so he made a post with three photos where he can be seen at his sweetest and most natural side, enjoying moments of daily life that he very rarely shares with your community of followers shares the entertainment platform.

In the first of the photos, as on other occasions, he posed in his car modeling an elegant outfit ideal for this fall season that is already beginning with the low temperatures of the year in certain regions of the country , a classic garment is the Beret like the ones he wears Marjorie deSousa.

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Later, you can see him up close in the following two images, which depict every detail of his face, such as the mole next to his mouth, which his fans were so grateful he was able to appreciate so accurately, in addition to showing off , which has survived well at the age of 42.

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Marjorie de Sousa starts the month with radiant beauty on postcards. Source: Instagram


This support was reflected in the comments of its more than 9 million followers on the social network of the small camera, where in less than a day after its publication it also received more than 12,000 reactions, because between compliments and many good wishes it received.

“Trust that it will be so,” “I admire you greatly, for I think it is not only your physical beauty that makes you unique, but also your distinction, your kindness, your simplicity, your intelligence and your Good heart making it unique and like you are not two”, “May you have a blessed and prosperous month. Hugs”, “May it be a month full of blessings and many beautiful things”, expressed their fans.

Furthermore, many increased their expectations with the message he left under the release as he hinted that he has big surprises on his agenda this November, one of the possibilities would be announcing more details of the telenovela he has just recorded. ‘The Count: Love and Honor’ by Telemundo.

Welcome November!!! I know wonderful things are coming with you,” the actress wrote.

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