Marjorie de Sousa melts the web with a spectacular black outfit that accentuates her curvaceous silhouette: PHOTOS

Marjorie de Sousa melts the web with a spectacular black outfit that accentuates her curvaceous silhouette: PHOTOS

Marjorie de Sousa has attracted attention on social media in the last few hours for posting some photos in which she was seen showed off her curvaceous silhouette with a spectacular black outfit this made her more beautiful than usual, so that the thousands of followers of the Venezuelan actress showered her with compliments.

It was through her official Instagram profile that the actress of “La Desalmada” published a series of three photographs of his visit to the “House of the Famous” where he was present a few days ago to live with the finalists and show them up close and personal the hefty cash prize for the winner to take home.

Marjorie de Sousa received thousands of compliments. Photo: IG: marjodsousa

for this visit Marjorie de Sousa chose an extremely spectacular outfitin which wasted elegance, style and sensuality because it was a all black jumpsuit, which had various elements that made her stand out such as glass embellishments on the sides, bell-shaped legs and a sophisticated neckline that added a subtle seductive touch to her image, moreover, the actress wore her men completely uncovered which immediately started raining down compliments.

“Beautiful as Always”, “Perfection Made a Woman”, “More Beautiful Every Day”, “An Entire Goddess” and “An Entire Chocolate” were some of the compliments that can be read in Marjorie de Sousa’s publication, which already surpasses the editing of this typeface 50,000 likes.

Marjorie de Sousa lavished style in LCDLF. Photo: IG: marjodsousa

It’s worth mentioning Marjorie deSousa Also used his release to send a motivational message to his fans and wrote the following: Dedicate the whole intention of Love, Abundance, Security, Clarity, Photo, Prosperity, Quality, Infinite Success to everything you do. Do you feel uncomfortable with what you are doing? Very good, you have left your comfort zone, you are taking steps for your highest good.”

Will Marjorie de Sousa take part in LCDLF 3?

As already mentioned, Marjorie de Sousa was a guest in “La Casa de los Famosos 2” to present the prize that will be awarded to the winner of this installment of the famous reality show. However, this situation gave rise to the rumor that It is certain that the Venezuelan will be one of the participants of the following seasonHowever, this has not been confirmed by either the production or the actress, who is currently recording El Conde: Amor y Honor, the new Telemundo telenovela She is expected to clarify these versions herself over the next few days about her future work.


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