Marisa Tomei Clarifies Pete Davidson’s Claims of Not Being Paid

Marisa Tomei recently told Pete Davidson about an anomaly from her role in “King of Staten Island”. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed that her brilliant performance as the mother of protagonist Davidson was not rewarded financially.

“In fact, I was talking to Pete today because I thought, ‘I never got paid for this. You? Can we talk in this age of transparency?” she mentioned her conversation with her 2020 co-star. However, due to her statements going in circles, the “Spider-Man” star expressed an opinion that was the opposite of her previous statement.

Marisa Tomei says it’s more about contract details with Arcane

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Tomei’s statement seems to have hit some nerves, given that she came out last Friday to clarify her allegations. The actress tried to do some damage repair by talking to people in a virtual chat.
“Of course I got paid for the work I did. I didn’t forget to just open my mailbox,” the actress explained in a statement to People. “I’ll spare you a lot of the arcane details of the contract, but that’s what I was talking about.”

In a previous interview, the actress followed up on her bold remark by brushing off any pay issues because she had a great time while filming the comedy-drama film.
“As I said, the work was a great pleasure, and it permeated everything that I did in the future, and gave me joy.”

Marisa Tomei reportedly received a million dollars plus an advance for her role

According to the source, Tomei not only received her dues, but also received over $1 million in advance to star in the movie King of Staten Island. “Marisa Tomei was paid 100 percent for the film,” the source said. She is clearly confused.

But putting the alleged financial dispute aside, Tomei praised Davidson’s performance in the film, stressing that he was one of the reasons her time on set was memorable.

“He’s so damn real, unfiltered, but very sensitive,” she told Rolling Stone. “So he’s an almost irresistible combination. And he’s handsome even though I played [his mom]”.

Representatives of Universal Pictures, director Judd Apatow, Davidson, who co-wrote the film with Apatow, and Dave Sirus, have not yet commented on this issue.

“King of Staten Island”

King of Staten Island is a comedy-drama film directed by Judd Apatow based on a story by Apatow, Davidson and Sirus. In addition to Davidson and Tomei, the film also stars Bill Burr, Bel Powley, Steve Buscemi and Maud Apatow.

In the film, Davidson portrayed Scott, a young aspiring tattoo artist who still mourns the death of his firefighter father, who died decades ago. As such, he resists his mother’s (Tomei’s) new romance while trying to sort out his personal life and personal dilemma.

To play the role of Davidson’s mom in the film, Tomei revealed that she spoke to the actor’s mom several times and was impressed by “the extent of her tolerance not only for him, but for service, for good.”

Pete Davidson had trouble growing up

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Tomei’s interview with People also shed some light on Davidson’s early days and how it ties into their 2020 film.

“Maybe because Pete had problems growing up, or because [he and his sister Casey] lost her father, she just had endless space for him to grow into his own, which really fits the movie,” she added. “But she really, truly is. I was amazed.”

The actress also discussed losing her 1993 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in My Cousin Vinnie and Tom Holland’s eccentric Aunt May in Spider-Man: No Home. Tomei is slated to play Edith Bunker on All in the Family as part of the ABC special series Live in Front of an Audience in the Studio.