Marisa Laurito freezes Fazio quotYou told us and we stayed

Marisa Laurito freezes Fazio. "You told us and we stayed home"

It’s about … prima donnas. Putting three together at a table and being able to manage them is no small feat this time Fabio Fazio, usually a master of authority and politeness, made a bad impression. we are at What’s the weather likea Rai 3 show that prevailed after the five Sanremo evenings of 2023. guests are Marisa Laurit, Mara Maionchi And Sandra Milo and the occasion is the presentation of the second season of “Those Good Girls”, Sky Uno and Now TV format. The winner of the song festival could not be missing with them Marco Mengoni and the big one Georgiaalso a competitor of the festival.

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Alongside curiosities about the show’s new season, behind-the-scenes backgrounds and previews, the female trio shared the vicissitudes of production, with footage shot between Monte Carlo and the south of France. At this point, however, Fabio Fazio’s main focus in conducting the interview was, perhaps unintentionally, on Sandra Milo. Fellini’s muse is nearly 90 years old, an impressive feat considering she’s still in business. After a few minutes of silent resistance, it was Marisa Laurito who broke the hesitation, certainly not lacking in character and scenic panache, and enviously came out like this: “Okay, but if you wanted to do an interview with Sandra Milo you told us and we are stayed at home. Fabio only talks to her, if she’s there, we’ll leave!”.

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Visible ashamed, Fabio Fazio tried to downplay: “I want to conquer her, I want to see if I can recover since she only said under 50!”. However, Laurito did not outline it at all, on the contrary, she escalated: “So do you have a question for us?”. In short, Fazio got a good deal Nonsensewrongly perhaps, and immediately tried to get rid of the embarrassment by greeting the three ladies and continuing with Marco Mengoni, fresh winner of the festival, with the song “Due Vite”, which he again sang live for the Rai 1 audience.

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