1672667783 Mario Vargas Llosa breaks silence on his split from Isabel

Mario Vargas Llosa breaks silence on his split from Isabel Preysler

Mario Vargas Llosa breaks silence on his split from Isabel

Mario Vargas Llosa (Arequipa, Peru, 86 years old) is one of the protagonists of one of the most famous breakups of 2022 and yet he had not spoken. So far, the story’s other protagonist, Isabel Preysler (Manila, Philippines, 71 years old), had done so on Wednesday, when the socialite announced the end of her eight-year relationship with the author in brief statements to Hello magazine!. Those close to the Nobel Prize winner also spoke up and gave explanations as to the reasons for the break, but he stuck to his statement.

“I just want to confirm the interview that Isabel gave,” Vargas Llosa assured the media, who were waiting for him at the door of his home in Madrid on Sunday evening, New Year’s Eve. “I’m very comfortable,” he added as he stepped out of a cab in his overcoat and black hat. The writer, back from a New Year’s Eve in Paris with his family, where Álvaro, one of his sons, lives, confirms the split. The Nobel Prize winner did not want to give the press any more details, but denied that jealousy was the cause. “The reasons for the separation are not available,” he stated.

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“Mario and I have decided to end our relationship permanently.” That was the short and sharp message that Isabel Preysler sent with Hello! less than a week ago. In mid-December and according to the publication, after a scene of jealousy, the writer would have left his partner’s house in the Puerta de Hierro urbanization in Madrid, where they both lived. Vargas Llosa then settled in his home in central Madrid. But this wasn’t the only major crisis experienced by one of the most psychic and atypical couples in the heart press.

At the beginning of the summer, Vargas Llosa returned to his apartment in the center of the capital, although shortly afterwards he returned to the villa on Miraflores Avenue, this newspaper learned. At that time, the couple had to deny the separation rumors confirmed in December.

After the announcement of the separation, the writer’s closest confidants described the couple Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Preysler as “two people from very different worlds”. “They were incompatible. He is interested in culture and she is interested in entertainment. There is a chasm between the two,” these sources told the newspaper of the two main reasons that caused the rupture: the discrepancies in their lifestyles and the lack of common plans.

After announcing the end of their relationship, the two have put country in the middle, moving away from Spain and the media pressure the news has generated. Isabel Preysler traveled to Miami (USA) to meet two of her children, Chabeli and Enrique Iglesias, with whom she welcomed 2023. On Friday, Mario Vargas Llosa was there, flying from Madrid airport to French capital airport, the destination chosen by the writer to welcome the New Year.