Mario Frias faces charges of defamation and defamation after calling Adnet “Judas”.

Mario Frias faces charges of defamation and defamation after calling Adnet “Judas”.

Mario Frias was accused of defamation and defamation against Marcelo Adnet. The TJDFT (Court of Federal Districts and Territories) has allowed the criminal complaint of the comedian, who was insulted on social media by the former special minister for culture.

Judge Fernando Brandini Barbagalo ordered the criminal proceedings to continue, understanding that the phrases inserted by Frias in the publication theoretically indicate “the animus to offend the honor” of Adnet.

The information was first published in the newspaper O Globo and was confirmed by syringes.

Adnet filed a lawsuit against Frias in May 2021 after calling him a “filthy creature”, “Judas” and a “rascal”, among other things.

The former culture minister did not like a parody produced by Adnet for a campaign published on the eve of the holiday on September 7, 2020.

“He pretends to be a good creature when in reality he is nothing more than a filthy creature whose adjective that qualifies him properly is nothing but that of a villain. A Judas who doesn’t even respect his own wife, who betrays the poor thing in public out of sheer vanity and lack of character,” Frias said at the time.

The candidate for the federal representative of the state of São Paulo also described the comedian as a “decadent clown who sells himself for every penny” and “unable to face life and his moral responsibility”.

A hearing was held in September last year, but no agreement was reached between Adnet and Frias. The prosecution’s proposal for a nonprosecution agreement was not accepted.

In April, the criminal complaint was transferred from Rio de Janeiro to Brasília.