Marina La Rosa the topless of November on Instagram with

Marina La Rosa, the “topless” of November on Instagram (with emotion)

Sharing topless in the middle of summer is for everyone; Posting similar content in November is only for Marina LaRosa, which also made the post quite thoughtful and exciting. A strong woman who sometimes gives advice on how to deal with fear, how to overcome problems; a television personality, but also a mother, a point of reference, a free person and a kind soul. His November “topless” on Instagram really took our breath away, as did his followers.

Marina La Rosa, topless on Instagram in November

We all remember Marina La Rosa, one of the contestants on the very first Big Brother, when the reality show was still a social experiment and there were no “story activators.” The GF left an indelible memory with the Navy, including the bond with Pietro Taricone, whom he remembered often. Time has passed since then and today La Rosa is a woman of strong convictions, very popular on social media, where she has also been “attacked”.

In support of his Topless post on Instagramadded an unusual caption. She is shown (almost) naked, but there is something else that clothes her, namely emotions. Marina La Rosa sent us one Dress from memoriesout beautyof something acquired over time: being able to go beyond appearances, e.g research the substance.

“Mom, what happened?” he wrote. “Nothing dear, it’s emotions and sometimes they can come out in the form of tears.” And he added, “Ah, ok. i like emotions, This is. uh… i like them because, yeah, come on, they can’t be seen, they’re underwater. And while some of them can hurt you, they are beautiful. Like jellyfish”. An inspiration that we should all follow: There are negative, positive or even neutral emotions. But that’s how we live, and that’s the deep meaning of life itself.

The strength of Marina La Rosa, always against stereotypes

Marina La Rosa, who was able to face the situation with extreme philosophy and also taught an important lesson, was also recently attacked. Many had written to her on TikTok that she “much aged“. The comments she received did not hurt or touch her. Why has it happened to each of us many times to receive uninvited judgments?

For VIPs, getting old is almost a crime, not to do something, as if they could stop time. “Let’s always celebrate this life, it’s the only one we have,” he wrote on Instagram a while ago, and we could only agree. Age is a number, like so many others, and it is not representative: the temperament we carry within us, the emotions with which we dress ourselves, say much more than we do and tell stories that we never will would have discovered .

“Well, I’ve aged. The alternative would have been to die youngHer cutting – and shiny – irony isn’t for everyone: In any case, her alternative topless has us won over, to say the least. Because even though summer is over now, we can keep it in our hearts.