Marilyse Bourke, France Castel and Stéphane Demers Reunite in After the Flood Series

Marilyse Bourke, France Castel and Stéphane Demers Reunite in After the Flood Series

The new series After the Deluge, which will land on Crave next December, is based on a solid cast that includes Marilyse Bourke, France Castel, Stéphane Demers, Samuel Gauthier, Martin Larocque, Jean-Moïse Martin, Émile Schneider and Karl belong to Walcott.

Written, directed and produced by Mara Joly, this dramatic fiction is set in a deprived area of ​​Montreal. Filming on the six episodes began Thursday with additional cast members including Dominik Dagenais, Inès Defossé, Charlotte Massé, Natalie Tannous and Penande Estime.

The latter embodies the policeman Maxime Salomon, who takes care of four young people with a difficult past and introduces them to mixed martial arts. This initiative is not unanimous insofar as the four young people come from violent backgrounds and this martial art is generally quite brutal.

Penande Estime is an aspiring actress and the series also gives pride of place to new talent – some better known than others – by citing Frédéric Colas Gabriel, Steve Diouf Felwin, Ximena Ferrer Olaso, Bozidar Krcevinac, Jake Lewis, Jorge Martinez Colorado, James- Édouard Métayer, Érika Suarez, Madina Tall and Pascal Tshilambo.

“There are dreams and crazy loves that come true. This project is one. What an honor to bring “After the Sintflut” to a large audience. I have long hoped for a heavyweight fiction series from here, written, directed and produced by Afro descendants, that would allow me to explore the Quebec I live in and my cultural mix. This series finally arrives, with the bonus of luck in creating it and wearing it surrounded by immense talent. May “After the Flood” be a gathering where it will do us good to discover, get along and love each other,” Mara Joly said in a press release.

Mara Joly is also known as an actress. We’ve seen it on “Faits Divers,” “Pour Sarah,” and “Unité 9,” in particular.

The After the Deluge series is produced by Zone3 and ZAMA Productions, the box set by Mara Joly and Miryam Charles in association with Bell Media.