Marie  Luce Penchard withdraws from general election    RCI.FM

Marie Luce Penchard withdraws from general election RCI.FM

In silence since Saturday night, when she qualified for the second round of general elections in Guadeloupe’s fourth constituency, Marie-Luce Penchard finally spoke.

Despite the 3,154 votes received at the end of the first round, the former overseas minister and mayor of Basse-Terre announced her withdrawal from the Bourbon Palace race.

Out of respect for the values ​​that underlie my political commitment and, above all, my desire to do politics differently, I felt this way around the “Basse-Terre en Confiance” group that accompanies me on the field the conditions were no longer met to continue the adventure by maintaining our candidacy for the second round

The difference in votes between Marie-Luce Penchard and Elie Califer (2,972 votes ahead for the left-wing candidate) no doubt partly explains this surprise withdrawal. However, the candidate offers other explanations.

To those who would see in it a lack of courage and an admission of weakness, I say with all humility that, on the contrary, it is a testament to political maturity and realism in this world where there is too much pretense, insincerity and personal calculations very often gives at the expense of the general interest. By continuing to do so, we are helping to deepen this betrayal of trust between citizens and politicians by strengthening the ranks of teetotalers.