Marie Claude Barrette Leaves And Slams TVA Directly About Reasons For

Marie-Claude Barrette Leaves And Slams TVA Directly About Reasons For Her Exit – Vedette Québec

Marie-Claude Barrette surprised everyone in the last few hours by announcing her departure from TVA.

In fact, her contract, which links her to the Quebec television network, will not be renewed next fall.

The one who has been at the helm of the TVA show Marie-Claude of the same name for a number of years will host her last on April 12. At the end of her adventure at TVA, she will be filming a little over twenty shows.

However, a few hours after the news was announced, Marie-Claude Barrette confided in Hugo Dumas, a columnist at La Presse.

In particular, she revealed that the audience for her show has changed.

Keep in mind that TVA is looking to make changes to its morning programming next fall.

Here is what Marie-Claude said:

“People who were 40 when I started are 54 today. The clientele is aging but not renewing. In the morning there are fewer, 25 to 54 year olds, many have returned to the office after the pandemic. We’re going to have to rethink the advertising system that only swears by 25-54 year olds. People are living longer, are fitter and better off financially. You can’t buy a Tesla at 25. »

The program directed by Marie-Claude has a market share of 27%, but the audience targeted by TVA is between 25 and 54 years old.

On this subject, Marie-Claude Barrette disagrees with weeding out viewers over the age of 54.

Here’s what she mentioned:

“The over-54s are worth just as much as other target groups. We talk about being more and more inclusive with cultural communities or with different entities, but we’re not inclusive with the age of the audiences we’re targeting. »

She also notes that we must not forget the reality of people who are isolated and need certain TV shows in their daily lives.

However, Marie-Claude Barrette will be hosting the show of the same name on TVA for a few more weeks. This will be presented Monday through Wednesday at 10 a.m.

Note that Marie-Claude has announced that she has some projects simmering, so this will follow after her show aired on TVA ends.

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