Mariana Gonzalez falls in love with Vicente Fernandez Jr with

Mariana González falls in love with Vicente Fernández Jr. with a low cut look by Morticia Addams

Mariana Gonzalez Padillabetter known as “The Mexican Kim Kardashian” became a topic of conversation in the last few hours because She squandered beauty and sensuality with a risque outfit in appreciation of “Morticia Addams”so as expected the fiancee of Vincent Fernandez Jr. She received dozens of compliments that once again confirmed her as one of the most attractive women in all of Mexico’s show business.

It was via his official Instagram profile where Mariana Gonzalez Padilla released a series of videos and photos in which he suspected that He traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada with his entire family to conceive 2023 and as the occasion demanded, she chose a spectacular outfit that exuded style and sensuality.

The outfit that caught the eye of Mariana González Padilla had as its main element, a tailored black lace jumpsuit, which was extremely fitted and had a plunging neckline in the bust area, allowing the businesswoman to show off her charms in all their glory, on the other hand, another striking element of this garment was its long sleeves, the, the, They earned him comparisons to “Morticia Addams”, one of the characters from the Netflix series called “Wednesday” or “Merlina”.

After modeling her spectacular outfit in front of a mirror, Mariana González and Vicente Fernández Jr. have revived one of the scenes from “Merlina”, In it, the singer played “Gómez Addams” and kissed the hand of “Morticia Addams” as they do on the show, and by the end they were both beyond amused.

Despite the fact that these photos and videos of Mariana González were circulated through her Instagram stories, it didn’t take long for the images to reach other platforms and pages managed by her fans, where The businesswoman, who was born in Tepatitlán, Jalisco, was immediately complimented.

The media couple received in Las Vegas in 2023. Photo:IG:marianagp01

“Prettier Every Day”, “Chulada de mujer”, “Total Bomb”, “The Most Beautiful of Them All”, “Divine”, “A Complete Goddess” and “What a Great Body!” These were some of the compliments received by Mariana González, who has significantly increased her fame in recent months thanks to her participation in the famous reality show “Rica, Famosa, Latina”.

Vicente Fernández Jr. and “The Mexican Kim Kardashian” are already preparing to walk down the aisle

After more than two years of relationship, Vicente Fernández Jr. and Mariana González decided to get engaged, and while they didn’t want to reveal the exact date of their wedding, they gave assurances said event will be held in Guadalajara, Jaliscoso they believe the reception could take place at “El Rancho de los 3 Potrillos” so it is expected that it will be in the coming weeks when they will announce all the details of the celebration.

Vicente Fernández Jr. proposed to Mariana González in Paris. marianagp01

On the other hand, The couple also confirmed that they want to become parentsfor whom “they do their homework every day,” they even hinted that they would like to welcome a girl in order to be able to announce a baptism alongside the wedding in the coming months.


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