Marialaura De Vitis: “There would be a desire to start a story with Luca"

Marialaura De Vitis: “There would be a desire to start a story with Luca"

Sixth place in the just completed edition of L’Isola dei Famosi, Maria Laura de Vitis was recently a guest at Jade by Miceli in his program It Happens No More, broadcast on Radio Radio. During his speech on the phone, the former castaway shared how he experienced this adventure and how it differed from the other reality shows he was a part of, La Pupa and the Nerdy Show:

It wasn’t a walk even if I got into the race, I did it for almost 2 months, it was hard physically and mentally. A special experience that you have to have at least once in your life and that I was very happy to take part in.

They are two completely different formats, but both have left something for me. Let’s say the doll and the nerdy was a more playful reality show full of fun, I made a lot of friends that I still see now. L’Isola is more of a survival reality show and I also did well because I was thrown from one context to another, very differently. Reaching the final was still a win, let’s say I won twice.

There was no lack of discussion either:

Many discussions arise out of nowhere because of the tension, the lack of food. In normal life people would laugh at us why I’m free. At L’Isola everything is magnified because there is a lot of tension. A fight breaks out over a trifle.

During her experience in Honduras, Marialaura De Vitis had approached Alessandro Iannoni, Carmen DI Pietro’s son:

Before entering I had studied the competitors a little, I liked Alessandro because he seemed to me like a pure man, a boy full of respectful values. It confirmed my first impression when I met him live. So I expressed my desire to get to know him better and then obviously it grew bigger with Carmen in the middle as she is very protective of her son. I never said I was in love with Alessandro, but I just wanted to get to know him and then see him out there. We remained absolutely friends, unfortunately he wanted to leave the game before we knew little. I will certainly be able to visit him when he returns to Rome. I’ve been to Carmen’s.

It didn’t work out for Alessandro because he mainly wanted a friendship anyway, he expressed it to me and I respected him. I wasn’t upset but let’s say I got the context, it was his first TV experience, he didn’t want to embarrass himself, he’s quite a shy guy. I blamed the TV context more than myself. Maybe he didn’t like me enough, or maybe he didn’t want to commit. I accepted without disappointment. I don’t think anything will be born, we have accepted the friendship and we respect Alessandro’s will. There will be nothing else.

The La Pupa and Nerdy Show winner also opened up about her friendship with Di Pietro:

You and I made it clear that we approached each other as two friends. She needed someone she could count on when her son was gone. We went out together, a true friendship was born. Carmen is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life.

Lory Del Santo expressed doubts about Marialaura De Vitis’ behavior towards Alessandro:

It is not a written law that those who make history reach the finals, it has already happened that many who have made history have been eliminated. That wasn’t my strategy, Lory Del Santo knew that. He demoralized me by telling me Ale didn’t twist me. But nothing ever came out of my mouth about strategy. It will be her thought, I don’t feel like a manipulator at all. Things are done in two.

Marialaura De Vitis and the friendship ended with Mercedesz Henger:

We left Italy together so we spent at least 10 days together without cameras. A relationship was not formed out of friendship but rather out of trust, both young girls who wanted to follow this path. When I entered I saw that she immediately fought me, I was very upset but I decided to get over it and ask her for clarification and from that moment on we say we stayed more connected. We leaned against each other.

When I didn’t support Mercedesz’ decisions 100%, especially towards Edoardo by just saying mine, he didn’t accept that I wasn’t entirely on his side. But I may have my own opinion, so he started this campaign against me again, calling me a fake. I never mentioned her, never got her into trouble, I always saved her because I don’t question what happened between me and her. On several occasions, however, she forgot our friendship.

I don’t know if it was fake, but it sure is pretty vindictive and sensitive. It doesn’t miss anything. Which then was a bit like the ox calling the donkey horned. Mercedesz in particular always fended me off when I showed interest in Alessandro. The moment I expressed my doubts about how she was approaching Edoardo, she lashed out at me like I said who knows what. I never questioned the interest she felt for Edoardo, I questioned the way she wanted to approach him.

Knowing Edo, he didn’t want to cross certain boundaries, he wanted to be left alone and maybe hang out with her after the reality show. He always expressed these doubts, but not only to me, but also to Mercedesz. I think she wanted to go straight to a second level in reality to become visible. She wanted an ultimatum, Edoardo didn’t give it to her, I told her she was wrong. In my opinion, he shouldn’t have asked him “we either get engaged or we don’t talk anymore”, he had to continue this frequenting and that was it and then say goodbye. In my opinion, after making a mistake, Mercedesz burned that acquaintance outside. I don’t think Edo trusts her anymore. He did not accept Mercedesz’s behavior in L’Isola dei Famosi.

In the last few weeks, Marialaura De Vitis has shown her interest in Luca Daffrè:

Luca and I feel very little but we have the phone number and we hear each other by message or via Instagram, certainly no story can be born because I see him distant and alone. We could see that, yes, but we’re a long way from there to start a story.

For my part, the desire would be there, but I don’t even want to force anything, I don’t even want to take too many sticks, I honestly avoid them. I can tell there’s no interest on his part, so I take a step back. If you want to meet me without cameras I am available.

On Nicolas Vaporidis’ victory:

In my opinion he would have played it with Edoardo, when he had to leave the game it was a foregone conclusion but deserved. Nicolas always spoke up, he always exposed himself. If Carmen had won, I would have jumped for joy. His was predictable but I repeat it deserves it. Objectively speaking, Nicolas gave so much and he deserved it.

Marialaura De Vitis then shared the relationship she remained with Paolo Brosio:

Paolo and I are friends and on good terms, we share a deep relationship that will never be broken. Sometimes we feel little but good. He’s happy with the path I’m taking. I’m happy with that.