Maria Zilda Makes Stunning Reveal About What Happened At A    Party  RD1

Maria Zilda Makes Stunning Reveal About What Happened At A Party RD1

Maria ZildaMaria Zilda surprises by detailing the party on Globo (Image: Reproduction / YouTube)

Opening the game, Maria Zilda made a shocking revelation as she recalled backstage at a party thrown with the cast of the telenovela hypertensionwhich continued to be aired globe 1986

The actress reported on the Papagaio Falante podcast that New Year’s Eve took place in Angra dos Reis and was organized by Wolf Maiaresponsible for directing the plot.

“We rented a boat, we all went to Angra dos Reis and stayed in a beautiful house. There was a departure time but everyone got a wonderful drink the day before. The day I had to leave, everyone there was unconscious,” he recalls, adding:

“Suddenly the caretaker comes and asks: ‘Who is Mr. Wolf?’ Then we pointed and he said that the owner was coming that everyone had to go.

“Everyone stoned,” moderator Sergio Mallandro suggested. Maria said names like Fafy Siqueira, Taumaturgo Ferreira and Eri Johnson were at the party.


ExGlobo actress confesses

In a recent report, Maria even said that she used to take great pleasure in love life and exercised her seduction to get involved with people.

The famous one said that he “ate” everyone in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, New York and Paris. It is worth remembering that her last marriage was with architect Ana Kalil, with whom she lived from 2008 to 2017.


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