Maria Grazia Soraci a Messina in the film by Colapesce

Maria Grazia Soraci, a Messina in the film by Colapesce and Dimartino Tempo Stretto

Then there is the young actress from Messina Maria Grazia Soraci in the film the singer-songwriters Colapesce and Dimartino, “The Spring of My Life”, directed by Zavvo Nicolosi. The film will be shown in Italian cinemas as a special event from February 20th to 22nd. In the film, Maria Grazia plays Angela, Colapesce’s ex, a woman in her 30s who is still disappointed and angry at being abandoned. “I had the honor of playing alongside the protagonists Colapesce and Dimartino and a very special cast of Madame, Brunori Sas, Stefania Rocca, Roberto Vecchioni, Demetra Ballino and Corrado Fortuna,” says the young actress from Messina.

The audition

It all started with an audition in January. “In March I received a call from my agent Paolo Inglese – Maria Grazia continues – telling me that I had been selected for the role by casting director Chiara Agnello. But it wasn’t until I arrived on set that I discovered the film’s all-star cast, with whom a warm and friendly bond was immediately formed.”
A passion for acting that Maria Grazia Soraci has nurtured since childhood. “I started in Messina, then moved to Bologna where I continued my acting studies and then moved back to Rome where I currently live and attend courses with acting coaches and intensive workshops with casting directors.”

A new film is upon us

Many expressions of appreciation have been received during these hours from colleagues and friends, as well as from his fellow citizens of Messina. “Many rejoiced with me – concludes Maria Grazia -. I will not hide from you that there are many things in the pot for the future and I have already been selected for another film, which I cannot reveal anything about yet.