Maria De Filippi angry at Gloria and Riccardo: what happens?

Maria De Filippi angry at Gloria and Riccardo: what happens?

sentence made. Maria DeFilippi breaks the silence and exposes himself men and women about the knowledge between Richard Guarnieri and Glory Nicolettethe. sparks in throne over where the presenter first lashes out at the lady, accusing her of disrespect for Umberto, and then at the Tarantino Knight. there registration goes back up before New Year’s Eve, this is important to clarify the current situation. After Riccardo and Gloria ended their acquaintance, she met Umberto. Today, however, Nicoletti tells us that he accepted Guarnieri’s invitation to dinner and thus greeted the other knight. He apologizes to Umberto and admits that he found another Riccardo. Maria describes the evening as romantic and teases Riccardo: “Are you going to spend New Year’s Eve where Ida does it?”. “I don’t know where he’s going to celebrate,” says the knight, embarrassed.

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“I’m thinking of Miami,” replies the presenter. In fact, Ida Platano is in Miami with her new partner Alessandro Vicinanza. “Miami seems difficult to me,” ironically Riccardo. At this point, Gianni Sperti points out that he expects the two to talk about an argument in the next shot. The episode was missing columnist Tina Cipollari, but the reason was not given. But nothing serious, because Maria and Gianni Sperti made fun of his absence.

Maria’s outburst

And here Maria continues to talk to Riccardo: «If I tell you don’t bring it in Taranto I mean not to do something so important, with the family. I don’t want to be like Cristina, but I will. Riccardo has said several times that he is not in love. It’s not like he promised locks. How? You were supposed to be dating someone and you canceled. This boy was caught and used to piss off Riccardo! That’s what I think. You weren’t involved, you saw Riccardo’s reaction and you drove on. did you do it from the heart But you respect people. Riccardo moves because of him». Maria does not spare Gloria either and reports on the thoughts that Cristina expressed in the weeks before: «Let’s avoid each other In 15 days you come here and say he doesn’t feel anything. I won’t say “poor Gloria” because you have all the elements. You’re not a 13-year-old girl leading hand in hand. I’m sorry Tina isn’t here, but for now I totally agree with Cristina.”

history repeats itself

For some time now, the public has been fed up with seeing this sequel push and pull. Gloria is aware that Riccardo has no feelings for her, but she doesn’t give up and keeps giving in. Apparently, Maria is fed up with that too location. In addition, there is no clarity on the part of Guarnieri. And here Maria hits him. “I don’t think you do You will be wrong if you don’t fall in love with Gloria. Now I just don’t see the assumptions of Riccardo falling in love. There is a feeling New? Yes, it means possession. Have you heard that over the years? Maybe there’s some truth in that. With Ida, you followed closely what led to the transmission. You spent all this time saying that Fame Be good outside, it’s not that I’m stupid. When the outside doesn’t match what they say inside is something strange. why are you wrong Because you see Riccardo, you see!».

The comparison

However, the presenter wants to go all out and asks the two to take a seat in the study center. Here Gloria admits that she would leave the program to meet him. But Riccardo refuses. “I don’t understand why you didn’t make that speech last night. We started it yesterday speech. Today I don’t feel like it anymore, it’s not comparable to previous experiences. There should be love, right? I would say yes, just to make her happy or to make everyone happy.

And here they turned the page: How will this story continue?

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