Maria Celeste stirs controversy again with a reveal about Miss

María Celeste stirs controversy again with a reveal about Miss Universe

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.-Many know part of how to choose a new one miss universeHowever, this Friday the renowned journalist Maria Celeste Arraras He released a detail unknown to many that has caused some controversy.

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During an interview with Lili Estefan and Raul de Molinaassured María Celeste that the last answer of the competition does not count.

“The last question, gentlemen, does not count… In every competition… it is such that there is no time. They come in, they do their last catwalk, and at that moment the judges have the order to vote, because if they don’t, there won’t be time to announce the results…” he said.

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He added: “They parade, we vote and while they’re answering that last question, they take the judges’ results, which are now electronic, and they’re tabulated and checked by the independent firm that commissions the competition each year.” , he stressed .

“You can talk nonsense and win,” he started.

According to the renowned journalist, the result is closely linked to the selection committee.

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“It had to do with the makeup of the jury, if you want to know what the election is going to look like, look at the jury, the vast majority, I think it was 6 Americans… If they vote aggressively, neither of these both Latina women would win,” he added.

He also affirmed that the Latino candidates were “a lot better prepared and a lot prettier, the whole world knows that”.

“I want all women to remove the ribbon of the country for people to vote for beauty, and in the end you put on the crown, the ribbon and a big surprise. This isn’t about where she’s from, it’s about who has the best qualifications and that when you walk into a room, all eyes turn and say, ‘Wow, that’s Miss Universe,'” she concluded.