María Celeste breaks the silence and reveals the economic reasons she was fired from    and

María Celeste breaks the silence and reveals the economic reasons she was fired from and

María Celeste spoke to Erika de la Vega and spoke honestly to her about the economic reasons that led Telemundo to remove her from the Hispanic network and her baby Al Rojo Vivo. Frankly, he claimed to have understood that the reason was valid for the moment that existed as a result of the economic crisis exploded by the pandemic.

According to the journalist, the salary that María Celeste Arrarás earned was equivalent to the salary of five people. “These are corporate decisions,” said the former host of Primer Impacto. “In the midst of a pandemic, they’re ordering 20 heads cut off per show. So what’s up?”.

She continues, “In a show with 25 people, you can’t remove 20 and keep 5 and I’m one of the 5.” “It’s impossible to get the show on the air like that,” says María Celeste. “They took away from me that I deserved what 20 deserved and with that they solved the problem, then I understood‘ the former boss of Al Rojo Vivo explained.

María Celeste admits that at the beginning, knowing this movement, listening to this decision was not easy. About the functioning of the ego he said: “Things in life cannot be taken personally because when you take them personally you begin to act on the basis of ego. Responding with ego is a very poor advisor. There I looked at him in a way that didn’t begin to say, “I’m the victim, after so many years, my ministry, what I’ve done, how much people know me…”.

The journalist and businesswoman explains that she is very clear that the decision to remove her from Telemundo had nothing to do with her abilities, the decision was not personal but was based on an economic wave affecting the whole world and both Telemundo as well as Univision. There were layoffs at both television stations. There was a possibility that the competition was managed by Jorge Ramos. This was nothing more than simple gossip today as he’s still at the forefront of the Univision news section.

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