Margrethe from Denmark drama in the royal family Benedikte defends

Margrethe from Denmark: drama in the royal family: Benedikte defends her sister

The trend is towards a “slim” monarchy. You don’t just see this with British royalty, where King Charles III. (73) and heir to the throne Prince William (40) repeatedly make it clear that they want to change the monarchy. Measures were also taken in Sweden. King Carl Gustaf (76) cut titles in 2019 to reduce the size of the royal house. Five of his grandchildren were affected, namely the children of Prince Carl Philip (43) and Princess Madeleine (40). At the time, they agreed with their father’s decision. For example, Princess Madeleine commented that it had been planned for a long time and that she and her husband liked the change.

Margrethe of Denmark revokes title

Now Queen Margrethe of Denmark (82) has also announced that she will cut titles. This affects his son Prince Joachim (53) and his wife Marie (46), who will cease to be “prince” and “princess” from 2023. In addition, their four children Prince Nikolai (22), Prince Felix ( 20), Prince Henrik (13) and Princess Athena (10) will only be called “Excellencies” instead of “Royal Highnesses” from 1 January.

Joachim from Denmark criticizes the decision

In the relevant press release, the Queen explained her move as follows: “With her decision, Her Majesty the Queen wishes to create a framework in which the four grandchildren can organize their lives in a much greater way, without being constrained by special considerations and obligations. implying formal membership of the royal family as an institution. All four grandchildren retain their place in the line of succession.”

The decision was not well received by Prince Joachim, the confusion seems to be great. According to “Danapress”, this is clear in his statements to the newspaper “Ekstra Bladet”:
“I can say that my children are sorry. My children don’t know where to stand. What to believe? Why should their identities be erased? Why should they be punished like this?” These words also express disappointment.

‘Wise decisions’: Princess Benedikte defends her sister

But now, according to “Danapress”, Princess Benedikte (78) has also commented on her sister’s actions to the tabloid “BT” with a clear attempt to smooth the waves: “I think it is difficult for her at first, of course, which is very Of course, but my sister makes wise decisions, also as a queen, and thinks about the future and not just the here and now, and I think that’s the most important thing,” Princess Benedikte said.

Prince Joachim has not commented on events since his September 29 statement. When Se og Hør magazine wanted to speak with him the next day, she was told by the prince’s private secretary, according to Danapress, that in the future the royal family would have to be contacted for comment.