Mare Fuori and Luisa Ranieri Naples has never been

, Mare Fuori and Luisa Ranieri: Naples has never been so famous and attractive in the


The Corriere del Mezzogiorno exalts the city of Naples and speaks of Neapolitan cultural hegemony

The Southern Courier today at kiosks one speaks expressly of “cultural hegemony of Naples“. It does so by stringing together the achievements of the Neapolitan capital, from football to cinema to fashion: “Today our city is clearly the trendiest in Italy, considered the most creative, original and successful“.


Latest news. From a sporting point of view, success is the Naples it is visible to all. In this case, it is a question of a creativity “different from that usual in Naples: that is, based on concreteness, cleverness, organization, not entrusted to pure talent”. And then a big difference with Maradona’s Napoli: “Napoli’s champions are a Nigerian, a Georgian, a Kosovar, a Macedonian, a Slovak, a Cameroonian. That too will mean something in the new style of a club and a side lining up their chances. ” Success in the collective?”.

movie theater

But football is just the tip of the spear. The Corriere del Mezzogiorno quotes “Sea out,” the TV series Blockbuster also on Netflix, with a record 12 million views: “Today, a story of love, emotion and violence set in Naples has the same immediate appeal in Italy that New York once had in global showbiz.”


Football, cinema and entertainment: the Corriere del Mezzogiorno also includes the iconic image of Luisa Ranieri, Neapolitan actress who recently starred at the Ariston Theater for the Sanremo Festival 2023 but also in the film “It was the hand of God” directed by Paolo Sorrentino. Its beauty has been described as “a celebration of the Neapolitan ‘lifestyle’ and Mediterranean appeal”.

Finally it concludes: “In short, Naples is experiencing a magical moment in terms of its ability to fascinate and attract. Comparable, I think, to what made Neapolitan song a worldwide success in the early twentieth century, along with black American jazz. has been selected by the new Google service, if you want to keep up to date with the latest news follow us on Google News