Marcus Buaiz opens up about his postdivorce relationship with Wanessa

Marcus Buaiz opens up about his postdivorce relationship with Wanessa and delivers a message to the Camargo family

Eight months after announcing his divorce, Marcus Buaiz opened up today about his relationship with Wanessa Camargo. In an interview with Quem magazine published this Friday (27), the businessman said that after the marriage ended, a friendly relationship and a lot of respect emerged. The Capixaba was still talking about the gratitude he has for his former inlaws, Zezé Di Camargo and Zilu Godói.

Marcus said he hopes the best for Wanessa and made it clear he has no intention of falling out with his ex, including over their children: José Marcus, 11, and João Francisco, 9. “Wanessa gave me the most beautiful things Important things in my life are my children. I will not quarrel with her anywhere. I want her to be very happy. She is happy, my children will be happy. The relationship is very respectful. We had a history together as a couple that is in the past, but we will always have to have a dialogue because our dialogue will be the happy future of our children,” he stressed.

Marcus Buaiz said he hopes Wanessa Camargo will be happy and so will her children. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram) It continues after the advertisement

The businessman also spoke about sharing custody of the children with the singer. “They stay with their mother for seven days and with me for seven days. And on vacation they always spend part of it with me. I have the privilege that they love my state Espírito Santo very much. Sometimes they tell me they would rather go there than Disney. We now took advantage of them staying with me on Guarapari Beach. We had a lot of fun,” he said.

Despite the split, Buaiz insisted on showing the Camargo family his appreciation for everything they’ve done for him. “You are my children’s family forever and will always have my admiration, respect and gratitude. I lived in her house when I started dating Wanessa and we built that moment of our marriage. I lived in a single family house. I am infinitely grateful to Zezé and Zilu, they are the grandparents of José and João. And Zezé is a friend that I will keep for life.”

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Finally, he emphasized that while he hopes the artist is happy, he hopes the same for his life. “I had a cycle with the Camargo family, which I think was very successful. It was 17 years together and a new moment in my life and her life came. I’m sure we all strive to be happy. I really want to be happy in this sentimental area, love, in my life. And I really want her to be too,” she scored.

Marcus Buaiz and Zezé di Camargo have already expressed their mutual admiration for each other on more than one occasion. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

When Marcus said that Zezé was a friend he would take for life, the compatriot also did not hide his admiration for his former soninlaw. “I always thought they were responsible for my children’s lives. I raised my children to be happy first and foremost. I love my soninlaw Marcus, the father of my grandchildren. He’s like a son to me. Both he and Leo [Leonardo Lessa, marido de Camilla Camargo], my other soninlaw. But it’s her life. I can’t interfere,” the singer stressed in another interview with Quem when asked about the affair between Wanessa and Dado Dolabella.

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