Marcos Pasquim shocked as he reveals who he lost his virginity to

Marcos Pasquim shocked as he reveals who he lost his virginity to

Marcos Pasquim tells curiosity about virginity

This week Marcos Pasquim appeared in The Noite and spoke about his intimacy with Danilo Gentili. The former Globo contractor revealed details of his first time with a woman.

“I lost my virginity to Banderoso’s exgirlfriend” who was one of the members of Banda Explosão, a boy band formed in the 90s Marcos Pasquim joined the group when he was just 14 years old and it happened because another member died. The actor was the lead singer of the group.

He then commented that he stayed with the group for about a year and still has fans. During the conversation, Marcos Pasquim remembered some erotic moments on TV Globo. He spoke of the telenovela Quinto dos Infernos, which was an adult telenovela because it aired after 10 p.m.

“They were one of the most erotic, right, and they made a guy who was really naughty in real life,” said Danilo Gentili. Marcos Pasquim agreed, saying he loved doing the storyline, then signed Kubanacan.

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The actor shared how he joined the band

Speaking to Encontro in 2016, Marcos Pasquim spoke of his arrival in the boy band. “I really liked dancing and stuff… One of the members of that group died, and then the leader of that group saw me and asked if I wanted to join. I said ‘I don’t work, I don’t do anything, so let’s go,'” he commented.

He also confided that he was reflected in another successful group: “I did jazz, ballet, I did everything with them, and the inspiration was all Menudos”. But not everything was rosy in this career as he suffered from agoraphobia which is fear of open places and crowds.

“There was no panic. I was afraid of crowds, tunnels, traffic jams. It started with thoughts, I was on a trip and when my wife was climbing a rock and I, who wasn’t afraid of heights, asked her to go down. As I spoke, I thought those words were not mine. Then we went on a helicopter flight and I got scared, I started praying, my heart was racing,” he revealed at the time.

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