Marco Mengoni, the dramatic illness: from one hospital to another    ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

Marco Mengoni, the dramatic illness: from one hospital to another ​​​​​​Lineadiretta24

Marco Mengoni the dramatic illness from one hospital to anotherMarco Mengoni-Lineadiretta24

The singer Marco Mengoni suffers from an illness that takes him from one hospital to another, he confessed

He is one of the singers who found success through a talent show, Marco Mengoni, precisely from X Factor, which he won in 2009. From that moment on, the doors of success open wide, bringing him into the hearts of millions of fans who follow him with affection. He’s been on the stage at the Sanremo Festival twice, won in 2013 with L’essenziale, and his songs fly overseas, where he’s also appreciated.

In his career, which now spans 14 years, he has won several awards and recognitions, such as the Wind Music Award or the MTV Europe Music Award, but the list goes on. Great expectations are placed on his new song Two lives, which will be presented at the Sanremo Festival in a few weeks.

In private life Mengoni tries to keep a low profile, has never shown anything and has said several times that he wants to keep privacy to himself. Although many claim he is gay, he has never given any confirmation.

private life

Only during an interview with Corriere did the singer say something: “My private life, on social media, I don’t feel like it. If it’s private, I don’t want to involve people unrelated to my fame […] We 30-year-olds are in better shape than our predecessors. My generation is fluid more open in every way and feel sorry for the people who don’t rule us open to nature. I don’t think about fences and walls, I don’t notice the complexion or the decision to love a man or a woman.”

In short, as many today like to define themselves, Marco Mengoni it would be fluent, meaning it has no gender preferences. in any case, his desire for privacy must be respected. But which he broke himself by telling about an illness he was suffering from.

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Marco Mengoni: the disease

Marco Mengoni confessed to suffering from an illness that puts him in various hospitals, ie the hypochondria. The fear of getting sick. So much so that, he admits, he’s constantly undergoing blood tests. But that’s not all, he also seems to suffer from it body dysmorphia, That is, he sees his body, full of flaws and imperfections that cause him discomfort and discomfort, very different from what he really is.

Perhaps this illness could be a legacy of his past, when he said his weight was too much. Elle reports: “I was and still am a loner; but then I had stretched a bit: I weighed 97 kilos. I was very ashamed, I did not call friends. What characterized my youth was Lonliness. I’ve been indoors for years, with baggy clothes and long hair to fit in. I may have reached 105 kilos I ate to combat insecurity. I was a die-hard Nutella eater: I once ate seven pounds in a week. I had so much colic that I ended up in the hospital too“.

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