Marcelo Adnet Says Talking About Abuse Helped Him

Marcelo Adnet Says Talking About Abuse Helped Him

Marcelo Adnet gave a lengthy interview to O Globo and spoke about his daughter’s upbringing, career and the abuse he suffered during his childhood.

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“We encourage others and create awareness. If nobody debates, it becomes a taboo, a shadow, it seems that the topic does not exist. It takes courage to speak out. Nobody is forced to go public. It can be too painful. But whoever has the power must speak up to raise awareness,” he revealed.


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When asked if that would have been the reason for disclosing the trauma he had endured, he said “yes”. “But also for a personal reason, which is to clear something traumatic. Erasing it is part of its overcoming. It’s almost a point. “It happened and I can talk about why it doesn’t hurt or victimize me.” It’s also part of my story. There’s an individual thing to make peace with, like, throw it to the wind, it’s gone, it’s gone. If it just stays inside us, it’s even worse,” he admitted.

past trauma

In 2020, the comedian revealed in an interview that he suffered sexual abuse during his childhood. The first time was when he was 7 years old, then it was repeated when he was 11 years old.

“I was sexually abused twice, aged 7 and 11. At first I didn’t even know what sex was. The caretaker at the place I was vacationing at started approaching me and asking for a favor. He would blackmail me by saying that my dog ​​would die if I told anyone anything. I was very naive.”

“One day when it was just him and I at home, he approached me. I was in great pain but it didn’t last long because my relatives who had gone to the market came back to get their wallet. The nightmare was later repeated by an older family friend. He didn’t get to complete the act like the janitor, but he kissed me and ran his hand over my body. It was two difficult episodes,” he added, describing the abuse.

Adnet also said it took many years to be able to speak to the family about this second perpetrator. “To give you an idea, it was only after the death of this family acquaintance about ten years ago that I was able to tell my family about it. Today I speak naturally because after years of analysis I have understood that the embarrassment is not mine but the person who abused me. What remains of that is the fear, the trauma, the distrust.”