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Marc Anthony: Why it’s said he put a bodyguard on Nadia Ferreira

What happened to Nadia Ferrera? The young Miss Paraguay surprised with a special detail during her recent visit to her home country. Marc Anthony’s girlfriend who gave it to him a ring valued at that numberHe showed up with who would be his bodyguard, and many have wondered if it was a security measure for the salsero from Vivir mi vida.

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The public appearances of model They’re always very crowded and in the media, especially after he announced his signing american celebrity.

Ferreira, in his cbirthday 23She not only received a party, but became the fiancee of the ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez. Now the socialite was generating comments through the mysterious man who accompanied her to an event.

The couple’s most observant followers were formed Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira pointed out that the above character does not usually appear with the model since his parents and friends from the Miss Paraguay.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira together on a private plane (Photo: Marc Anthony / Instagram)Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira together on a private plane (Photo: Marc Anthony / Instagram)


Nadia Ferrera appeared with who would be a bodyguard in Paraguaywhen he visited Ecological Reserve Banco San Miguel and Bahía de Asunción. The local press was surprised to see a companion other than Marc Anthony’s girlfriend’s inner circle.

Immediately, in social mediaThe couple’s followers also began speculating about the possibility security that would have provided the Salero after recent engagement. Ferreira he only limited himself to sharing his impressions of his return to his homeland

The truth is that it is not known if the mystery man actually belonged to him personal security hired by the voice of “Live my life‘, or whether he was part of the entourage of the beauty queen’s visit to the event organized by the UNDP Paraguay and the United Nations.

Nadia Ferreira on her recent visit to Paraguay (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)Nadia Ferreira on her recent visit to Paraguay (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)


Nadia Ferrera, Paraguayan nationality, was born on May 10, 1999 and will soon be 23 years old. She was Miss Universe 2021 and made it into the three finalists. During her beauty pageant presentation, she shared tough moments from her childhood because she suffered from congenital torticollis, which she had surgery for when she was just eight months old and years later partially lost her hearing, sight and ability to move.

However, nothing could bring her down as this prompted her to move forward and today her health is stable. Her example of struggle, in addition to her beauty and charisma, led her to be the image of big brands and being the cover of prestigious magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and L’Officiel. In addition, she has modeled on major catwalks such as New York Fashion Week, Milan and Paris.

Nadia Ferreira poses smiling for her thousands of followers (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)Nadia Ferreira poses smiling for her thousands of followers (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)


On the other hand, when the Paraguayan was only 10 years old, she began to feel some complications in her physical condition that led her straight to the doctors. When they saw that she had lost her sight and hearing, doctors initially thought it was multiple sclerosis.

However, thanks to a second opinion in Argentina, it became known that he was actually suffering from it Susan’s Syndrome, an illness that caused the then-girl to lose her left-side vision and hearing for about 18 months. Although all this is in the past and today he is in good health.

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