Mara Venier live on Sunday with tears and standing ovations

Mara Venier, live on Sunday with tears and standing ovations: that’s why

Thirteenth editionie work progress on the fourteenth Mara Venier is the undisputed queen of Sunday In. The Rai1 presenter, loved by audiences and guests, is confirmed every year as one of the most popular women in show business. It’s at track it He was also Mika during the current episode, in which he was a guest afterwards. “I’m sincerely Mara, when you’re there it’s different,” says the singer. Zia Mara couldn’t resist these words and she is broken out in a vale of tears.

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“That’s how you do it, when you’re there it’s different, come on energy“Go on Singerand adds: «I like being with you and will be there for you October in the studio”. Public a deliriumbetween applause and standing ovations, confirms the thought of the conductor that connects everyone. With a Clinex in hand, Mara thanked Mika and the audience: «Thank you Yes, really, you’re so sweet. You’re fantastic,” he repeated, his eyes beaming and his voice broken by emotion.

Last updated: Sunday 22 May 2022 5:12 pm