Mara Venier: At 71, the beach look is the portrait of freedom

Mara Venier: At 71, the beach look is the portrait of freedom

Happy and free: Mara Venier vacations in the Dominican Republic and onward Instagram it is shown in a totally purple beach look: At 71, the presenter seems happy and relaxed. Her loose hair, dried by the sea heat, her face without make-up and that spontaneous smile, a symptom of moments of deep happiness. What he decided to share with his many fans.

Mara Venier, the beach look is full of purple

We are used to seeing her on TV, appreciating her deep irony, sharp intelligence and style. She always appears on social media in a less shiny version, but all the more in hand: from moments of great joy with the grandchildren to housework, Mara Venier is there talks a lot about social media letting the woman behind the limelight shine through.

This really appeals to her fans who appreciate that she is real and truthful. And there is no picture more beautiful than the one she shared on her Instagram profile from a white beach in the Dominican Republic where she is on vacation.

Mara sported a totally purple look, consisting of costume and sarong, but above all without make-up and without filters. The result is an image that is the portrait of liberty.

At the age of 71 (72 in October), the moderator is there beautiful and happy, the photo proves it. And it’s even prettier, with this natural look reminiscent of what any person might have on a vacation day by the sea, with their hair being dried by the heat of the sun and the breeze of the wind. A lilac swimsuit and sarong of the same color complete the look, giving her plenty. To be copied, no doubt, because it is the emblem of freedom and class at the same time.

So it’s not surprising to read this Comments left by their fellow VIPs and fans. Between hearts and wishes for a good holiday, there are those that point out how nice it is to see them so happy and those that emphasize their elegance and class.

Mara Venier, vacation with her husband and upcoming professional commitments

For some time now, Mara Venier has been flying to the Dominican Republic with her husband Nicola Carraro for a well-deserved vacation after a busy year at the helm Sunday In. Here in Santo Domingo he spends relaxing days with his family in the dream villa.

A few small moments of everyday life are shared on Instagram: from shopping with the grandson to early morning coffee to stories from his time.

That Relaxation is necessary to recharge the batteries and in better shape than ever for the next television season in which she will be seen engaged again in the line of the Sunday container of Rai 1. There are many editions that Aunt Mara has done on the program and as the guest of Fabio Fazio Che tempo che fa said, for the moment she has no intention of stopping: “It’s from the In the first year I say ‘this is the last’ but the audience is sovereign. If the public doesn’t follow me anymore I will retire but now with these results I can’t stop”.

With her irony and great empathy, Mara Venier is waiting to see her again on the small screen, enjoying her days with her family in a place of incredible beauty.